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Like a hammer

The Overview

In an attempt to create a pure and intimate connection between the different parts of a semester-long project, I incorporated the childrens book [part 1], and the object of play [part 2] into a short video clip [part 3].  This series of work, “Like a hammer”, tells a story depicting ways animals use rocks “Like a Hammer”.  Discover [below] how the project developed throughout the course of (more…)


The Promise…

"the promise"

Hey friends!!  Sitting here right now with good friend and brother Andrew Puccio.  His guitar is out as he works on some tracks for the upcoming EP “The Promise” while i have the mac pro open, crankin out some design work that has been put on the back-burner of my life for a while…

We just decided a couple minutes ago that we are gonna go downtown for the sunrise at 6:24am later this morning…We’re gonna bring the coffee pot and his guitar…take a couple of shots of the sun coming up over the horizon…should be a lot of fun!!  Im excited for what the future has in store for our friendship!! Right now we are workin on a couple projects that should be somewhat developed by the end of summer!! Stay tuned for updates!!

In love,

_Austin [and Andrew]