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Like a hammer

The Overview

In an attempt to create a pure and intimate connection between the different parts of a semester-long project, I incorporated the childrens book [part 1], and the object of play [part 2] into a short video clip [part 3].  This series of work, “Like a hammer”, tells a story depicting ways animals use rocks “Like a Hammer”.  Discover [below] how the project developed throughout the course of the semester.


Developing the book concept.

Refining ideas for second part of project.  I mean…what IS an object of play?

The book [part 1]

The book was very mechanical in nature.  Three miniature books that lived in a confined housing shell of a hammer.  Each book slid out of the casing by sliding a knob located on the front of the book….kinda fun.  The mechanics can be seen more clearly in the video posted above.

The seagull uses the rock like a hammer.

The otter uses the rock like a hammer.

The monkey uses the rock like a hammer.

The Object of Play [part 2]

The object of play [or toy] was very simple.  Constructed from the same material as the book, the two halves came apart to reveal a hidden shape inside…sort of a game encouraging exploration.  Remember, this project was designed for the 3-year-old.

5 shells split open to reveal 5 different shapes [circle, triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon]

The Video [part 3]

The video served as a tool to bring all parts of the project together, strengthening the bond between the different elements.  Showing the relationship each part had to the whole, the short clip raises interest in the viewer, creating excitement and curiosity.  See the video above.


One response

  1. Betsy Simmons

    Really neat book. Bet it would be a best seller!

    May 13, 2010 at 9:41 pm

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