the chaotic life of austin simmons

The city was empty. The sky was black. The clock said 5:00am.

The city was empty.  The sky was black.  The clock said 5:00am. You want some coffee and sunshine?  Andrew and I spontaneously decided NOT to go to sleep, but rather drink coffee late into the night and drive to downtown Raleigh for a sunrise photo-shoot!! Exciting right?!  We brought along with us my electric typewriter, coffee maker, and desk lamp to give it a sort of bizarre feel.  The shoot was a success!!  We had an awesome time together as the sun came up over the horizon.  Here’s the picture: Andrew sitting on the top floor of a parking deck with an acoustic guitar belting out worship music while austin scrambles around him frantically trying to get some sweet shots.  It was quite the scene.

Hope you guys enjoy the photos!!  Get stoked for all the exciting things coming up as Andrew is in the process of recording a new EP “the promise” that will be hopefully coming out later this year while i am in the “ideation/contemplation/planning” stage of a book focused around LOVE that i will be writing in relation to my travels to South America later this summer!!

Love you guys!!



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