the chaotic life of austin simmons

Differentiating the different layers of the atmosphere by analyzing temperatures x kilometers above sea level at 8:05am….maybe i should invest in a alarm clock with wheels?

After rolling over and hitting the snooze button on my alarm for the 4th time…i managed to climb into the shower, using the warm[not hot], weak-flow of water to un-glue my eyelids from their resting position [i guess this would be my upper cheek].  It was 7:45am.  I hadn’t woken up before 8 since…i don’t even know when.  Jumping onto my bike, i whipped out in front of the on-coming traffic in an effort to successfully travel across the entire NC State Campus in just under 5 minutes…As i walked into where the class was being held in Witherspoon, [also known as NC States “Campus Cinema”] i was surprised to see close to 300 other students slouched over in the chairs of the auditorium.  300 slouching students that may have possibly experienced the same dreadful reality i had woken up to just 20 minutes beforehand: the 8:05 class.

Considering my body doesn’t know how to shut down before 3am [thank you “first semester of design school”] this whole waking up early thing is gonna take some getting used to.  Whats even worse, is the pretty lenient attendance policy, which, in turn will completely try [maybe even succeed] in persuading me to sleep through the lectures pertaining to cloud cover and probability of rain.

On a positive note, my other classes are glorious!  Between Mr. Dempsy spending an entire hour explaining how to add basic matrices in MA 114, Dean Marvin Malecha inspiring me with a lecture on branding/applying yourself as a designer, and my studio professor Mike Bissinger leading an informative/beneficial discussion on the Gestalt Principles, i find myself feeling content: A bottom of the totem pole freshmen.  A place of learning the basics.  A place of asking questions.  A place where anything is possible.

More updates to come!

Much love,



2 responses

  1. Mom

    OK…so at least you have some “morning person” in you. I know you do, Aust…I raised you. Just pretend on Tuesday and Thursday mornings that your are heading to church…at least “think that” when your alarm goes off. I could always give you a wake up call…like they do when you are staying in hotels! Love you tons. Enjoy the day.

    January 13, 2010 at 6:06 am

  2. I know how dreadful those 8ams can be man. Its great tho because they teach discipline and I know you’ll make the best of it. I’m glad to see you gaining so much from design tho man, I’m excited for all of us!

    PS – Man your moms way too nice !

    January 14, 2010 at 10:38 pm

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