the chaotic life of austin simmons

Packed Bags, Teary eyes, and a gracious mother doing my laundry!!—>Sleepless nights, here I come!

Today i head back to school!!

While most of my friends are taking the weekend to finish connecting [or start connecting] with their family and friends at home, i find myself craving the un-vacuumed, cockroach invested, dried-sweat-smelling dorm room!!  Since arriving home on December 16th, I have spent a glorious 22 days under the same roof with my loving family.  I must say that it wasn’t until going away to school that i truly realized how great [and unique] my family is.  Between my knucklehead brothers, my patient father, and my [hmm i must be careful] beautiful mother that always loves me despite my forever changing appearance, style, and activities, i have come to the realization that my family is PERFECT!

i will miss waking up every morning to the sound of my brothers dukin it out in ping-pong…

i will miss the sound my mother’s iphone makes when she plugs it into a power source because it is already almost dead at 9:30am…

i will miss the fires my dad starts in the kitchen [yes this happened]…

i will miss the face my dog molly makes when you say, “wanna go on a WALK”…

i will miss the candle-lit family dinners that always seem to end in Garrett sitting looking down at the veggies he waited to eat last…

i will miss my family [for the most part]…

I just want to thank you again for all the support you continue to show me as i attempt to further my education, experience, and exposure as an artist/designer/photographer.  I would totally love to hear from you!!!  Please find me on facebook, send me an email:, call me @ 919.612.4847, or simply pray for me as i start another semester of school.  The Lord has been so gracious in blessing me with the opportunity to pursue what i love!  Pray that my heart will be that of a servant, rooted in love and humility, constantly seeking to bring glory to God in everything i do!  I love all of you guys!!

In the arms of grace,



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