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marvin challenged me with the idea of not becoming attatched to my work….SOOO…I decided to try—>


when life comes at you fast…just yell and scream!!!

If i had to sum up the whole week in one word, it would have to be….WHOAH.  Between applying for a scholarships, discovering the elements behind what makes children books successful, photo-shoots with talented models, and being covered in my friends blood after a crazy biking accident, words such as hectic, stressful, encouraging, overwhelming, amazing, and even rewarding come to mind.  As if living a dream, i was slapped in the face with wild situation after wild situation of non-stop action.

A friendly Friday afternoon of casual biking with a close buddy of mine suddenly turned (more…)

Differentiating the different layers of the atmosphere by analyzing temperatures x kilometers above sea level at 8:05am….maybe i should invest in a alarm clock with wheels?

After rolling over and hitting the snooze button on my alarm for the 4th time…i managed to climb into the shower, using the warm[not hot], weak-flow of water to un-glue my eyelids from their resting position [i guess this would be my upper cheek].  It was 7:45am.  I hadn’t woken up before 8 since…i don’t even know when.  Jumping onto my bike, i whipped out in front of the (more…)